Tumblr is a blog format designed primarily for sharing images, and it has some easy to use share functions that can make content quickly go viral. Users primarily find content by subscribing to keyword tags like “gamer” or “roleplaying“, and will then see any submissions users’ post with those tags in their activity feeds.

For example, here are all the recent tumblr posts with the tagged keyword “youtube” and here are some with youtube-community.

Some people actually use Tumblr as their primary website but I personally find it more suitable as an auxiliary site to compliment my primary website with back-links and provide extra reach; for example, my tumblr RPG Video Reviews focuses on reaching gamers on Tumblr by using videogame related tags for my submissions.

Now there are a few ways you can use Tumblr to increase your Youtube views and in this article I’ll talk about each one.

#1 Photo Sharing

This strategy works best in conjunction with the Pinterest strategy for getting traffic to your Facebook Page. Ideally, you want to add a funny or shocking image to your tumblr and then have the click-through link be to your Pinterest board where you already have images pinned from your Facebook Page and primary website, along with videos from your Youtube channel.

Set a click through link to something you want to promote!

It’s important to ensure you tag your articles so they will be seen. Fortunately tumblr will suggest popular tags for you based on what you are typing into the tag box, which makes it a’bit more useful than Stumbleupon which expects you to psychically pick up on what the most popular tags on the site are.

Tags are vital on Tumblr! Don’t forget them!

#2 Video Embedding

You also can embed your Youtube videos directly into Tumblr. The process is identical as it is with adding photos. Better yet, you can embed videos from your Pinterest boards into Tumblr posts, which gives back-links to both your Pinterest boards and your Youtube channel at the same time.

#3 Tumblr Communities

Additionally, Tumblr has some special communities you can submit video content to. Here’s a couple of my favorites

You can also make your own Tumblr community; for example, I’ve made one for the Youtube Gaming Community to submit their videos to.

You can find information on how to add a submit button to your tumblr at their official help page. 

#4 Customize your Tumblr to promote your social network accounts

You can customize your Tumblr to have your Facebook Page embedded into the sidebar, along with a link back to your Youtube channel. I also like to include my Twitter feed.

For instructions on how to customize your tumblr, check out this page. You’ll need some HTML knowledge to do this.

Customizing your Tumblr will also help you look more professional, encouraging visitors to pay more attention to what you post!

As with anything else, always use social bookmark services like Stumbleupon to drive traffic to your recent Tumblr submissions.


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