A Youtube Show is more than just a playlist; it is a powerful tool for promoting your videos. Youtube Shows receive top billing in Youtube Search results. If you make a show title that is exactly the same as a keyword, you will always have your videos shown at the top of the search page for that keyword.

For example, I made a show called “Online Games” for my MMORPG related videos. Online Games receives several hundred thousand searches on Youtube per month. My videos now rank at the top of Youtube search results simply because they are connected to my show that has those keywords!

Youtube Shows are more than just a playlist!

Shows also appear on their own special search page, They can also have the episodes made available for rental through Youtube.

Unfortunately a Youtube Show is an exclusive option for select Partners. Youtube does not give it to every channel. However networks tend to allow all channels associated with them to have a Show, so this tutorial can be useful to helping networked Partners learn how to use a Show page.

When naming a show, you should use the Youtube Keyword Suggestion tool to decide on the name. Try to pick something that is receiving lots of searches but doesn’t already have a Show created for it. Youtube Search rarely displays more than one Show on the search page, unless that keyword is getting millions of searches every month. 

t’s important to fill out everything correctly to have a show approved!

It is important that you fill out the Show page completely. As soon as you make it, the show enters an approval query for Youtube Partner support. You cannot just instantly be approved for a Show; it must be inspected first.

Several things can get your show rejected;

  • Making a show that has the same name as an existing Show
  • Adding videos which have “extra tags” in their description. All tag blocks should be in the “Tags field” of the video. If you want to use keywords in your description, put them in the form of a sentence.
  • Not submitting high quality images for your Show.
  • Not including any videos as episodes for your Show.
  • Having video titles that are much too long or repeat words too much (for example, if your show is called “Bob’s Game Reviews” then don’t put “game review” in the title of your videos. Your show title will automatically be part of the title of all episodes attached to the Show page). 

If a show is rejected, the Youtube employee will have notes saying what needs to be done for the show to be approved. Unfortunately you won’t get an email if your show is approved or rejected, so you will need to check back on your Show tab to see if it was approved. It may take up to a week for someone to review your submission.


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